Workshop during the Hieros Gamos Festival in Zeewolde

Euforica bij festival Hieros Gamos Zeewolde

During this fantastic festival I give a workshop together with Paul Post entitled ‘The naked truth’.
This workshop is about literally exposing yourself, touching, being touched, feeling, staying (daring) with yourself and at the same time bringing everything in you into contact with the other. More information ….

It is not your job to seek love
but to break down all the walls in yourself
you raised
to shut her out

The festival is from Wednesday 3 to Sunday 7 July in Zeewolde.
The men and women are separated from each other for several days.
Connect with your ‘being a woman’ and men connect with your ‘being a man’.

Beautiful woman,

“You are a Mystery to be discovered, honored and loved. Walk through the gate of connectedness with your sisters to get to your essence.

Feel welcome to feel, nurture and empower all aspects of your femininity on the Women’s Field.

Then to meet the men with open heart, soul and body from self-esteem and empower each other side by side in beauty, purity and touchability. ”

Tickets are still available for men. So if you feel the call as a brother, feel welcome. Because …….

Beautiful man,

“To live your being a man it is healing to connect with your brothers on all levels. Living your individuality as a man gives space to allow passion, pleasure and passion into your life again.

Connecting your newfound life force to your deepest vulnerability creates a strong sense of fraternization and coming home.

This voyage of discovery is a profound adventure to open your heart completely to meet the women from there. ”

more information can be found here …

I am really looking forward to it and look forward to meeting you.

Love & Light,