Tantra Massage increasingly popular

Tantra massage steeds populairder

Tantra Massage increasingly popular, it has a healing effect.

This week’s article by Euforica  in “The Week”.
Extra attention has been given to it because it is in high demand due to problems in relationships.

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“Tantra Massage Becoming Popular”. 
Below is the translation of the article.

Tantra Touch and Tantra Massage increasingly popular, it helps to “de-stress” (Euforica in the week)

My name is Alexandra Langeveld, I am a professional “Tantrika” and the founder of “Euforica”. Every human being, and also an animal, has a natural need to be touched or touched. Touch is a necessity of life, as we get older we touch each other less and less. Loving attention & touch can mean a lot to everyone. Everything consists of connection. I see people as one whole on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Love and touch are also healing.

That is now very much needed in this (too) hard world. Especially in recent years there has been a lot of fear and insecurity due to the periods of keeping distance, not being allowed to cuddle, which has an enormous influence on self-love, self-esteem, Being and also in relationships.

Lately I notice that there is more and more need for intimacy, touch and connection. There is also more Fear. 

It is also referred to as having ‘skin hunger’. In many relationships, the intimacy has become a lot less, resulting in many relationship problems and even breakups.

I also notice that with many singles, there is a fear of reconnecting or not knowing exactly how to go about it.
Many people feel lonely and live in isolation. I find it worrisome.

For me, intimacy has to do with connections, which starts with yourself and if that is good then you can also connect with someone else.

Problems with intimacy often revolve around the following topics:

  • Difficulty “feel”
  • “Being naked” a taboo or exciting
  • intimacy, feels unsafe due to (sexual) trauma
  • have doubts
  • physical tension and depression
  • stagnation in personality development
  • insufficient sex education, education
  • stress, difficulty relaxing
  • relationship problems..

Do you recognize this and do you need help with this?

In my practice “Euforica” I am happy to help you in your search for more Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sexuality. Euforica is a Spanish word for Euphoria, it means a heightened sense of Well-being, feeling good, being cheerful, joy and happiness.
I experience that there are more people who have become curious about a threshold, which makes the Tantra Massage and Tantra Touch indeed increasingly popular.

My practice aims

  • to help you connect with yourself
  • to enable you to love yourself
  • to remove blocks to intimacy
  • to accept and break through the taboos, shame and guilt surrounding sex.  

In addition I inspire and motivate you to free yourself and surrender to your beautiful ‘Shiva & Shakti energy, the connection between the pelvis, heart and higher self for more intimacy and pleasure. 

See the video below with an explanation about Tantra and what you can achieve.
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This can be achieved with:

This is possible for you as a single and for you as a couple and there are also couple sessions.

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Love & Light
Shakti Alexandra xxx