Hugging is Healthy !

Hugging and touching is healthy!

Do you also notice a difference? During the period of the corona, and the rules imposed, it was suddenly different. Did you also miss the connection and touch that was there before? That moment of contact, shoulder tab, that hug, a hand that was touched for a moment, a pat on your head or a touch on your arm. And even feel the other gently or even bump to another when you pass each other. Suddenly it wasn’t there anymore. In addition to seeing or hearing, we also have senses that feel, smell and taste. ‘Many people suffer from “Skin hunger”. 

hug session by EuricaTouch is important!

It already starts with us as a baby, a lot of touch is needed to achieve a secure attachment, this affects our relationships later in life. Touch gives you confidence in yourself, others and the world. If you missed this as a baby, for example because of an incubator or parents who could not be there for you emotionally, physically, you can have problems in bonding with relationships on different levels.

Touch, hugs and even eye contact release oxytocin, also known as the hug hormone.

Osho root is a root that also produces oxytocin, which makes you feel really good. This helps reduce stress, brings calmness, it literally grounds you, lowers your blood pressure and can even raise your pain threshold. Touching and hugging makes you connected to the other person, you feel peaceful, you sleep better, and it also makes you stronger. It has been proven, one minute of hugging is super healing and makes you happy.

Touching, hugging and challenges…

Hugging can give you memories of a painful or traumatic experience from the past. You may feel vulnerable, anxious or insecure, or other feelings. Spontaneous touch can cause fear or anger because it was too overwhelming for you. Always be careful when touching someone else. Especially now, in this time! Do you notice that you still suffer from pain and trauma, and do you need help such as coaching / therapy or healing? My tip, don’t keep walking with it for too long and start processing this. I can refer you to Jouw Balans Coach.

Do you need a hug? Are you ask for a hug? Do you have anxiety or feel insecure to ask? You can always ask for a hug or give a hug away. To give is to receive and to receive is to give. Do you need a lovely hug session? click here….  

Do you recognize that? That you got a kiss or hug from your family member or friends, when you didn’t ask for it? Often it is not checked whether the other person wants this. I can still remember that well, when visitors came, or during parties, obligatory shaking hands and a hug or even a wet kiss on my cheek. Sometimes I liked it and other times I hated it. When touching or hugging, it is about ‘consent’, the translation is ‘consent or acceptance’ and that is essential to take into account. That is what I first learned during my (tantra) training.

Consent and acceptance

In our society, permission or acceptance is still too little taken into account. The other is often consciously or unconsciously abused. People in positions of power can take advantage of others, which has also been a hot topic in recent years. Often they are men towards women, adults towards children, at work, the boss and the employee, assertive people towards somewhat passive people. It often happens unconsciously, it sneaks in. You recognize that, you are offered tea. You don’t really feel like it, but then you get to hear, ‘Oh I put it especially for you’. Or did your parents make you kiss certain people against your will? If you pay attention to it now you will notice and recognize it more and more, it is often in small things.

Would you like to know more about the consensual way of coming into contact with your loved ones, children, loved ones or friends? Be inspired by Betty Martin’s ‘Wheel of Consent’ below.

Do you need a lovely hug session? click here….  

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I wish you a nice day and give you a virtual hug.
Love & Light
Alexandra xxx